Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

Due to the increasing severity of COVID-19, and strong suggestions
from the state and federal government,
we regret to inform you that the Church will be CLOSED
until further review on April 2nd.
You may still worship with us Sunday morning at 11 AM
live on our Facebook page!
Also, Sunday evening at 6 PM, or Tuesday Morning at 9 AM
on Armstrong channel 3 or 100.
If you need pastoral care, or other assistance,
please call the church office at (814)-827-3665.
-God Bless-

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First Church Titusville offers a wide variety of programs for children and young adults from Kindergarten to grade 12. We have a place for you here!

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First church Titusville offers several unique programs fit for anyone aged 18-100. We have a place for you here!

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First Church Titusville offers a music program that caters to the music lover as well as the seasoned musician! We have a place for you here!

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First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church
Consider our nation today... these words never hit harder.

Never act in fear, always act in love.
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church
Introducing “Project Forget-Me-Not” Titusville, Pennsylvania.
Our goal is to get greeting cards, messages of love and hope, and artwork to local nursing home and personal care residents during this time of social distancing and extreme loneliness.
💌There are 135 people locally in these living situations, we would like to bless them each with a greeting to remind them that they are remembered, loved and missed. When we collect 135 greetings we will deliver them, the employees and staff will distribute them and we will continue to collect for another drop. We will continue this collection throughout the duration of this time of separation.
💌We would ask you to please use good hygiene when handling your greetings. Please don’t lick the envelopes shut, glue sticks and tape or stickers work well, or just simply stick the top of the envelope inside the envelope to shut it. Don’t address it to a specific resident, they will be randomly handed out to residents.
💌This is a wonderful opportunity to use up those odds and ends cards in your stationery drawer, be creative with your own artwork or your child’s. Multi-pack cards can be purchased for $1 at Dollar Stores, or slightly more in the card aisles at Walmart or grocery stores. Also feel free to use a blank card or Thinking of You type-card. Include scripture, poems, uplifting quotes, lyrics, or your own message of L♥️VE. Let’s flood these places with love and joy!
💌Drop boxes are located at Titusville First Presbyterian Church, Warner’s Bakery, and the mailbox at The Barking Lot. We would gladly get a drop box to any other businesses in our area.
💌If you don’t live in the area, please consider sending greetings to your own local care facilities. We just called our local facilities and asked their patient bed numbers and if they had any safety concerns or suggestions. They are super excited to share our love with their patients! Start your own Project Forget-Me-Not. We just used kitty litter boxes and painted them and made signs for them.
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church
We have already sent one bunch of cards to the local nursing homes, let’s get another set of cards ready to go💜